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PowerWalker - PowerWalker Inverter 5000PSW

Gyártó: PowerWalker
Cikkszám: PW-INVERTER5000
Készletinformáció: rendelhető
Ár: 181 000 Ft + Áfa
Bruttó ár: 229 870 Ft
Mennyiség: -+

• Pure Sine Wave for wide range of applications and harsh environment
• High-frequency switching technology for compact size and light weight
• Isolated Input/Output design for the maximum operation safety
• Built-in 25A super charger
• User selectable for accepting wider input voltage range
• High efficient DC-to-AC conversion minimizing energy loss
• High Efficiency PFC charger design
• Low power “Power Saving Mode” to conserve energy for less than 10W
• LCD display for status view and Inverter settings
• Configurable: Input Type, Output voltage, Battery type, charging current
• Multiple protection: Input low voltage, Input over voltage, Overload,
Low battery alarm, Short circuit, Over temperature
• Supporting Home Appliances, SMB, Office Equipments, Lightning Equipmens
Moto-Based Equipments (such as Fan, Air-Conditioner, Washing Machines)
• Fulfil the demands of heavy-duty industrial environment.